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Powder Coating Aluminum: The Complete Guide

Everyone knows about coating. As it is obvious coatings have various types. Similarly powder coating is one of the common powder coating techniques. If you are not sure about, is it suitable to choose powder coating technique for your Aluminum (Al) produc
Jul 28,2023

Types of Screws | Quality Screws Selection Guide

Types of Screws Introduction: In order to fasten two structural bodies many fastening methods or techniques are available, but screws are used to hold variety of dissimilar materials with conventional method. Many types and material of screws are availabl
Jul 24,2023

Titanium vs Aluminum: A Comprehensive Comparison of Characteristics and Uses

Nowadays, every industry is searching for new ways to boost its production and make a lot of profit at reduced cost. When it comes to selection of materials for different applications, they prefer light weight, cheaper and energy effective materials. So,
Jul 21,2023

2024 Aluminum vs 6061: Comparison Guide

Aluminum alloys are divided into several grades, depending upon their alloying element composition and heat treatment processes. So, choosing an alloy for a particular application is not as simple. By reading this article you will be able to effectively c
Jul 19,2023

Is Aluminum Conductive

When you are planning to work where conductance is required, there is a possibility of considering using aluminum (Al). Electrical features of any metal are important to deliberate in designing of project. Electrical conductance of Al is an interesting fe
Jul 19,2023

5052 aluminum vs 6061 Aluminum: Complete Guide

Aluminum alloys are found everywhere whether it is aerospace industry, automotive or flooring panels. As name suggests, aluminum is the main metal in aluminum alloy with different alloying elements such as copper, magnesium, zinc, tin, nickel and lithium
Jul 18,2023

Fabrication vs Manufacturing: Understanding the Differences

In the production industry, "fabrication" and "manufacturing are two terms that often overlaps." Many people often deal with them, but still don’t know the difference between them. They both share some similarities. But, both hav
Jul 18,2023

Types of Rivets: Quality Rivet Selection Guide

Types of Rivets: Quality Rivet Selection Guide. Introduction: In engineering industry joining materials is critical task for Structural integrity, Joints, Strength during life span, Connection with metallic body and Ease of assembly operation. Riveting is
Jul 17,2023

Does Iron Conduct Electricity

If someone asks you which is the common metal that we use in our daily life? Your answer must be iron or Fe which is correct. Actually, Fe has so many interesting features that excite scientists and engineers. Therefore, it is the most utilized material i
Jul 17,2023

Is Zinc Conductive

If you have something to do with electrical components, it is essential to have knowledge about the electrical and thermal conductivity of any material. It is otherwise important to have basic knowledge about the common material that we see or use in our
Jul 17,2023

Copper Vs Aluminum Heat Sinks

Heat sinks are essential elements of those systems which produce heat and remain at good level of temperature to prevent high temperature degradation. Copper property to control thermal energy at micro level of electronic circuit makes it emerging heat si
Jul 17,2023

Brass vs Stainless Steel: A Comparative Guide

Considering history of civilization or discussing current scenario, brasses and steels are among the most utilized materials at domestic usage level as well as at industrial level. Steels are alloys of iron composed of carbon, usually as main alloying ele
Jul 14,2023

Fillet vs Chamfer: Understanding the Differences and Applications

If you are a mechanical design engineer, then you must know that the design of parts and components plays a vital role. Filets and chamfers are well known for their use in the designing and part manufacturing. So understanding the differences between fill
Jul 14,2023

Is Rust Magnetic

You might know the word ‘Rust’ as corrosion. But it is also a substance of iron oxides (Fe2O3). Fe has a tendency to react with O2 therefore, it is mostly found as an Fe2O3 and pure Fe is hard to find naturally. Point to ponder is, being an ir
Jul 14,2023

Is Cast Iron Magnetic

You must know something about the cast iron. If not, then the utensils you use at your induction ovens is mostly made of this material. It is no different than another iron and carbon product, just a variation with different composition. It just contains
Jul 14,2023

Is Stainless Steel Conductive?

Everyone is familiar with Stainless steel. We mostly think of it as a rust-free material. But have you ever wondered about the conductive properties of stainless steel? The electrical conductivity is a very important feature in the engineering sector as w
Jul 14,2023

304 vs 430 Stainless Steel: A Comparative Guide

Surely you know a lot about stainless steel, but you're having trouble deciding which to employ for your project. Simply said, everyone wants high-quality materials that will endure for their project. Stainless steel is widely regarded as a high-quali
Jul 05,2023

Alloy Steel vs Stainless Steel: A Comprehensive Comparison

Everyone knows about steel or at least heard about it. There is no confusion about it. But questions arise when you hear different names of steels like stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, chromium steel and many more and you don’t know about
Jul 05,2023
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