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Aluminum Auto Wheel Spacer Adapter
Aluminum Auto Wheel Spacer Adapter
CNC machined car parts
automotive parts
CNC machined car parts
Custom Wheel Hub

CNC Machined Car Parts Top Quality 10mm Thick Hub Centric 5x112-66.6 Aluminum Car Wheel Spacer Adapter

Material: aluminum

Size: 100% customized.

Surface finish: anodized

Other service: laser etch logo/pattern.

Custom high precision automotive production


It is well known that reduced component weight saves fuel, and aluminum wheels weig
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China Machining Parts Manufacturer Custom CNC Car Parts


  • CNC Machined Car Parts Manufacturer: Tuofa CNC Machining
  • Material: aluminum
  • Tuofa CNC Machining Capabilities: Custom 3- 4- 5-axis CNC machining of automobile parts, high precision machining
  • Size: 100% customized
  • Surface finish: anodized
  • Application industry: automotive industry, automotive production 
  • Other service: laser etch logo/pattern, custom sheet metal fabrication, 3D printing service.
CNC car parts



CNC Machined Car Parts - Custom Car Wheel Online


car wheel

Tuofa CNC Machining Manufacturer Custom Automotive Parts


A tip from your CNC machining factory: It is well known that reduced component weight saves fuel, and aluminum wheels weigh 30-45% less than steel wheels. The excellent high thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy wheels is beneficial to the heat dissipation of the car tires due to high-speed driving. Reduces the likelihood of hot tires on long-distance sedans. The accuracy of the wheels directly affects the driving performance of the vehicle, especially when the vehicle is driving at high speed. Through Shenzhen Tuofa CNC Machining Company, the tolerance can be controlled within +/-0.1mm! No matter color or patterns on car wheel can be customized. OEM fit, quality, finish - CNC machined black colored anodized wheel spacer provides additional resistance to corrosion and with 10.9 grade studs and heat-treated lug nuts, you can rest assured you are getting the highest quality of wheel spacers that is tough, stable, and safe from the machinery parts manufacturer.

The voice of one of our staff: as a member who have been working in Tuofa for 5 years, I love Tuofa CNC Machining deeply and cannot agree more with our culture: faithful to the customers, faithful to the needs of customers. Therefore, fortunately we have grown with our customers for 14+ years and served 600+ companies.


We get strong confidence from our customers feedback that our services are always beyond the expectation of customers! Hopefully there is a chance we can get a long-term business relationship stared with you!

CNC machined car parts
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