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6061 vs 7075

Aluminum 6061 vs 7075: What's the Difference

In the ever changing approach towards manufacturing and processing, right choice of the material has gained enormous importance for the durability and attainment of the product. Aluminum alloys are considered for structural components as it delivers promi
May 29,2023
Polishing Aluminum

How to Polish Aluminum

Polishing Aluminum and making it shiny The extraordinary properties of aluminum make it a most vulnerable metal for almost all sectors. Due to its porous nature, this sophisticated metal can absorb dust. Its surface exposure to the atmosphere converts its
May 29,2023

How to Clean Aluminum Wheels: Proven Methods for Restoration and Care

Aluminum is a versatile earth metal, which has been playing a prominent role in all industrial areas due to its exceptional qualities like being lighter and less expensive nature than steel while being strong and durable. Among its major applications, Alu
May 26,2023

How to Clean Oxidized Aluminum: A Step by Step Guide

Cleaning oxidized aluminum and making it stain free The versatility of aluminum metal made it durable and the most commonly used metal for vast applications ranging from household items like kitchen utensils to industrial level products. This special meta
May 26,2023
Brushed Stainless Steel

What is Brushed Stainless Steel?

This article will help you to know the answer of this question. This also highlights the important features of brushed stainless steel. It will help in understanding its differences from stainless steel and polished stainless steel. These two ty
May 22,2023
Brass alloy

Is Brass Magnetic: Delve into the Guide

Brass alloy is made of zinc and copper. But what makes brass magnetic or nonmagnetic? There are many factors involved to confirm the magnetic nature of a material. This article will answer this question. It will also reveal some unique facts about brass p
May 20,2023
Crankshaft VS Camshaft

Crankshaft VS Camshaft: Understanding the Key Differences

You have already seen many engines with different shapes and sizes but depends upon the crank and camshaft. Any type of Engine that runs on the combustion of fuel an
May 16,2023
Titanium Vs Stainless Steel

Titanium Vs Stainless Steel, Only Weight to Density Ratio Is Not the Decisive Factor!

High cost Titanium can make financial lose to your project. Titanium density is half of stainless Steel. Stainless Steel can increase the massive cost of your project due to high weight to volume ratio. Understanding of material is an essential thing.
May 16,2023
Bevel VS Chamfer

Chamfer Vs Bevel: The When, Why, And How of The Connecting Parts

Creating objects with machines results in sharp corners. These are available in different shapes with edges and surfaces. Machines use chamfers and bevels to make the design interesting. Thus, it is necessary to learn about their qualities, properties, an
May 15,2023
Iron VS Steel

Iron Vs Steel: Properties, Price, Weight, And Everything About the Alloy

Iron’s periodic symbol is Fe. Its atomic number is 26.  Iron has been present on Earth since the formation of the Earth, and of course. The layers in space are also filled with iron. Iron is the fourth most abundant element found on Earth. Iron
May 12,2023
milling and welding

The Difference Between Milling and Welding: An Expert Guide for Beginners

Milling and welding are different manufacturing processes. But they cause enough confusion because they involve mechanical engineering. These processes will look the same to an untrained eye. When in reality, milling and welding are opposites in operation
May 11,2023
Heat Treatment

45 Steel Heat Treatment: 700°C to 930°C

Today, Tuofa CNC machining will share with you the relationship between quenching, microstructure and properties of 45 steel, so as to deepen the understanding of the degree of influence of different heat treatment processes on the microstructure. &nbs
Dec 15,2022
Welding Technology

China Aluminum & Aluminum Alloy Welding Technology Standards

1 Scope of application This process standard is applicable to manual tungsten polar argon arc welding and molten polar argon arc welding of aluminum and aluminum alloy. 2. Construction preparation 2.1 The welding of aluminum and aluminum alloy sh
Dec 15,2022
plastic welding

Plastic Welding Knowledge: 5 Ways & 7 Processes & 4 Mistakes

When it comes to welding, the first thing you think of may be the connection of metal parts. So how are the various plastic products seen in daily life welded? Tuofa CNC machining will describes plastic welding from the aspects of plastic welding technolo
Dec 15,2022

The Definitive Guide to Rivets: Types of Rivets and Riveting Processes

Rivet is not only a tool or a material, it can play a pivotal role in many industries.   For example, various industries such as housing construction and machine manufacturing need rivets to fasten some parts, so the rivets should be fastened a
Dec 14,2022

Types of Springs: Failure Analysis and Prevention Techniques

"Elastic" refers to the stretching force of objects, while "spring" refers to elastic parts. Objects made of metal or non-metal with jumping and elastic properties can use the rebound force generated by the stretching and twisting effe
Dec 14,2022
Aluminum Welding

Aluminum: 4 Welding Methods & 12 Welding Defects

Aluminum alloy is widely used in industrial products because it has good physical properties. Almost all kinds of welding methods can be used to weld aluminum and aluminum alloys, but aluminum and aluminum alloys have different adaptability to various wel
Dec 14,2022
Chamfer and Fillet

Chamfer VS Fillet: The Cost is in The Details

In Tuofa CNC Machining workshop, there are many parts have the rounded corners and edges . This design is called remove sharp edges and corners. In the quality inspection department of the precision workshop, we can see that many parts have been treated w
Dec 05,2022
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