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Titanium CNC Machining


Titanium is a silver-colored metal that is corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant, hard but light. In the 21st century, titanium will be the third in the family of metals after iron and aluminum. Therefore, people call titanium as "the third in the metal family", titanium in CNC machining services, is a more difficult material to process, because of its low thermal conductivity, heat is not easy to take away with the chips, will be gathered in the cutting part. Therefore, during CNC machining, titanium may reach more than 1000 degrees Celsius.


Fortunately, Tuofa has the ability of precision titanium CNC machining, for 17 years, we have been using hard metal CNC machining service as the main manufacturing process, this is the fundamental of our manufacturing, compared to other metal manufacturing which is challenging, but for Tuofa, in China we have been the expert of hard metal manufacturing from the beginning to the end.


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Titanium CNC Machining Advantages


In recent years hard metal products have become more and more popular with consumers, so where do we start designing products to meet 100% of the market demand? Which titanium alloy is the right one for your product? Review the importance of titanium CNC machining in our projects.


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Low Temperature Resistance

Titanium alloy Ti-3Al-2.5V, Ti-6Al-2Nb-1Ta and other low temperature titanium alloys, its strength increases with the decrease of temperature. It maintains good ductility and toughness at low temperature of -196-253℃.

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Antibacterial Property

The titanium oxide film on the surface of titanium metal can inhibit the growth of bacteria, which makes titanium household products have good antibacterial properties.

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High Temperature Resistance

The melting point of titanium is as high as 1668℃, and it will not be fatigued or damaged even under the long-term use at 600℃.

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Light Weight

The same volume size of titanium parts than stainless steel parts are half light, but the hardness of heat-treated titanium alloy is two times that of stainless steel.




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Experience the strength and resilience of titanium alloy, expertly crafted into your custom-made product by our skilled manufacturers in Shenzhen, China.




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Physical Properties of Titanium


Density The density of pure titanium at room temperature (25 ℃) is 4.505g/cm3, the density of titanium is about 57% of steel, 60% of copper, 1.8 times of aluminum. 870 ℃ is 4.35g/cm3, 900 ℃ is 432g/cm3, with the addition of different alloying elements in titanium, the density of titanium alloy has also changed, the range of change in 4.4 ~ 4.9g/cm3.
Melting point The melting point of titanium is (1663 -1673)℃. The presence or addition of different alloying elements in titanium will cause the melting temperature to change.
Boiling point The boiling point of titanium is (3240 - 3280)℃.
Specific heat capacity The specific heat capacity of titanium at 20℃ is 500J/(kg-K), which increases as the temperature rises.
Coefficient of thermal expansion The coefficient of thermal expansion of titanium is significantly lower than that of aluminum and steel, which is (7.6~10.03)×10-6/℃.
Thermal conductivity The thermal conductivity of titanium is very low, 17W/(m-K), similar to 304 stainless steel, which leads to a large temperature difference along the cross section when titanium is heated in ingots and billets, and when titanium structures are welded, resulting in a large local stress.
Resistivity The resistivity of titanium is 0.48 μQ-m, s so the coefficient of resistance of titanium is quite high, a little stronger resistance to electric shock.
Magnetization coefficient The magnetization coefficient of titanium is 3.4×10-6, which can avoid magnetic field interference and is widely used in measurement and positioning.
Modulus of elasticity The modulus of elasticity of titanium is generally 103 to 110 GPa, which is half of that of steel material, and is closest to that of human bone.



Titanium Alloy Materials for On Demand Manufacturing


At Tuofa, we specialize in on-demand manufacturing using titanium alloys. Our materials offer unmatched precision and performance, making them an ideal choice for customizing prototype parts or mass production. We take great pride in treating every product we create as if it were our own, and we're committed to using our expertise and care to make each item even better.


Grade9 Ti-3Al-2.5V

It has good fusion welding performance and is suitable for tungsten electrode and metal electrode fusion welding process under inert gas protection.


Performance Characteristics


1. Moderate strength, high heat resistance, can work at 500°C for a long time.

2. Good low temperature performance and welding performance. As the temperature decreases, the strength increases and the plasticity decreases slightly. It still maintains good plasticity at -250°C and can also be used as a material for pipeline supply.

3. Poor cold and heat treatment ability, and great influence on hot forming. Rolling temperature is about 750℃, good hot forming property, and the thermoplasticity of the organization can be improved by oblique rolling.

Grade9 Ti-3Al-2.5V

Grade5 Ti-6Al-4V

Tuofa believes that Ti-6Al-4V is the "base" of titanium industry, because it is the most widely used titanium alloy so far, more than 50% of the total titanium usage. It is an α+β alloy that can be heat treated to achieve moderate strength. Ti-6Al-4V titanium alloy workpieces account for more than 95% of all titanium alloy workpieces.


Performance Characteristics


1. Good comprehensive mechanical and mechanical properties

2. Suitable for manufacturing various parts working in a wide temperature range of -196~450℃, especially for parts with Damage Tolerance Design.

Grade5 Ti-6Al-4V


With good plasticity and cold forming in solid solution state, especially with good riveting process, can obtain strength of more than 1400MPa.


Performance Characteristics


1. high elastic limit σ e and low elastic modulus E, so it has high elasticity (σ e / E) and high elastic specific work (σ e 2 / 2E), and the elasticity is stable in the range of 20~300℃.

2. The elastic after-effect value is only half of that of copper, iron and beryllium bronze, which is used to replace 431 stainless steel to make YCB-10D strain gauge pressure sensor diaphragm.


Ti-15V-3 Cr-3 Sn-3Al

High toughness alloys, sheets, strips and foils with excellent cold forming properties. After solid solution aging treatment, the strength can exceed about 50% of TC4 alloy with excellent performance. For example, aircraft made 250 parts to replace the less kinetic Grade9 Ti-3Al-2.5V and the A-3 Ti-6Al-2Nb-1Ta alloy that had to be thermoformed.


Performance Characteristics


(The alloy has excellent cold forming properties and is suitable for sheet forming, has good superplasticity, stretching at 680 ~ 900 ℃, suitable for the aviation sector to manufacture complex-shaped parts and honeycomb structure.

Ti-15V-3 Cr-3 Sn-3Al



Application of Titanium CNC Machined Parts


Titanium is considered the "metal of the future" due to its outstanding properties and non-toxic nature. Despite the abundance of titanium and its alloys, they are very expensive. This is because titanium exhibits very low chemical activity under high-temperature conditions, and its smelting technology and operating environment are extremely harsh. Smelting requires high temperature and vacuum conditions, with temperatures often exceeding 800°C, making it much more challenging than steel smelting. Based on environmental and cost considerations, Tuofa's titanium CNC machined parts find applications in the aerospace, medical, shipbuilding, and chemical processing industries. include:




Surgical Implant


Performance Automatic Parts

Sports Equipment


Aerospace Fasteners


Marine Application



Custom solutions for your project needs from China titanium CNC experts


Looking for a reliable partner to bring your titanium project design to life? Take a look at China's premier titanium experts. Whether you need titanium components for aerospace, medical or industrial applications, China Topa has the knowledge and experience to provide the perfect solution. We typically deliver products ahead of schedule and within the dates you specify.

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People Also Ask


3 special properties of titanium


1、Shape memory function

Refers to the Ti-50% Ni (atomic) alloy, in certain temperature conditions, can restore its original shape of the ability, said this material for the shape memory alloy.

2、 Superconductivity

When the temperature drops to near absolute zero, the wire made of NbTi alloy will lose its resistance, and the wire will not heat up without energy consumption when any large current passes through it.

3、 Hydrogen storage function

This refers to the Ti-50% Fe (atomic) alloy, which has the ability to absorb a large amount of hydrogen. Using this feature of TiFe, hydrogen can be stored safely, i.e., it is not necessary to use steel high-pressure gas cylinders for storing hydrogen. TiFe can also be used to release hydrogen under certain conditions, and TiFe is called an energy storage material.

Does titanium rust raw?


Will not rust, titanium alloy in the wet atmosphere and seawater media work, its corrosion resistance is far better than stainless steel; pitting corrosion, acid corrosion, stress corrosion resistance is particularly strong; contact with water will not produce chemical reactions.


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