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Are you still worried about finding the right supplier? Do product research and development and marketing from 0-1 to ensure the stability of prototype design and product application, Tuofa can quickly start your project. Take online manufacturing as the tool and customer demand as the center. Take product application as the soul and enterprise profit as the purpose.


Accurate Quote

Cost calculation is a very rigorous matter, especially for manufacturing parts. Tuofer has always made a manual quotation from beginning to end. After various reviews, we will give you a reply within 24 hours.

Tighter Tolerances

Tuofa can mass production parts with tolerance of+/-0.0004 in - Compared with other leading manufacturers, the higher the precision, the more stable the product.

Sales Engineer

Our salespeople have extremely high product experience and sensitive market analysis, serving startups and large enterprises from more than 50 countries around the world.




Prototyping to Final Product




Tuofa provides the best solution for personalized and digital manufacturing. Accelerated the development of the global medical industry through rapid prototyping, bridging tools and low-volume production.



The aerospace industry is an important field for the development of advanced manufacturing technology. We can provide a large number of types and quantities of supporting parts to meet people's dreams for the sky.



As automobile companies shift to a specialized production model of vehicle R&D, design, and assembly, digital manufacturing in the automotive industry requires large-scale mass production, especially high-volume, low-cost, low-energy manufacturing.


Consumer ELectronics

Tuofa has achieved technological breakthroughs and has a large-scale production capacity with controllable costs, from prototype design to on-demand manufacturing to meet any of your requirements for products.


Industrial Machinery

In order to achieve success in on-demand custom parts projects, Tuofa coordinates global sales, engineering and manufacturing resources to speed up the design and delivery of industrial machinery and equipment.



Robots are known as the crown jewel of the manufacturing industry. As a vital automation equipment in modern workshops, robots can also promote high-quality and high-efficiency production while liberating manpower.




What Our Customers Say About Us


Customized service is a decision made after multiple layers of review; it is not just about how Tuofa presents itself, but preferably confirmed by people who have used the product; reviews after using the product are the most accurate and true, reflecting whether the product and service can solve the problem and minimizing the information cost for customers to understand Toufa.


Customer reviews enable Tuofa to contrast with other leading manufacturers', and we progress in people's comments and expectations.




We have been working with Tuofa since 2016, and Tuofa's engineers have provided valuable input in prototyping design, and they are our long-term partners.



This is the fourth year Tuofa has produced my project. The salesman Lily has been paying attention to details to improve my files and I appreciate that.



I needed a part that was light weight yet strong, and Tuofa recommended a hard metal that was perfect and safe by assembling it to the product.



In the selection of materials, there are products that need anodizing, originally we wanted to use 6061 aluminum, but after Tuofa's testing, 7075 aluminum is more suitable.



Surprised to find Topha's MOQ 0, which speeds up our new product development, I will recommend it to more people.





Continuous Improvement of Flame Detector Design



According to the customer's feedback on 35 sets of products, combined with the customer's design concept and assembly requirements and the experience of Tuofa engineers, the process of flame detectors is continuously improved.


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3d printing companies



3d printing companies

Ensuring the Accuracy of the Engine Aluminum Cylinder Block



In CNC machining anl, this operation method ensures the machining accuracy of engine aluminum cylinder parts,
Tuofa's innovative technology speeds up the research and development of industrial machinery projects


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Tuofa Engineer Support Team - Real human quotes are more accurate than software quotes




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People Also Ask


5 new trends in manufacturing development to watch in 2023


1. Smart factories are changing the way manufacturing is done

2. Reducing production errors with Predictive Maintenance and Digital Twin Technology

3. Microfactories are coming to life

4. Additive Manufacturing goes mainstream

5. Raising wages and Reskill Workers become core talent strategies for Manufacturers

Top 4 Advantages of Additive Manufacturing 2023?


1. Avoid wasting materials and energy and save costs

2. Easier to recreate and optimize old parts without requiring much inventory

3. Combine assembled components into a single part

4. Additive manufacturing supports lightweight solutions

What information do I need to get a quote?


You can provide 2D/3D drawings or send your samples to our factory -, and then we can make them according to your samples.

Can we sign a non-disclosure agreement?


Of course. We never disclose customer information to anyone.

Do you provide samples?


Yes, we can provide you with samples before bulk order.

How do you ensure the quality?


We have a professional quality control department to ensure the quality.

Delivery time?


If it is a prototype part: about 1-3 days after payment. For mass production: about 10-15 days after receiving deposit (exact delivery time depends on the specific item and quantity)

How do you ship?


You can choose any mode of transportation you want, sea, air or door to door courier.





Industry Resources


What Is CNC Turning

CNC turning is the process of removing material from a rotating workpiece using the linear path of tools on a CNC lathe. In a simple perspective, the main elements involved in this process are the rotating spindle in which your work part is clamped and the cutting tool that is mounted on a turret.

A Method for Calculating the Cost of Turned Parts

At present, the online CNC machining shop is widely used in the machinery industry, and it is inevitable to encounter some complex, special-shaped or similar hollow workpieces. When making such workpieces, it is a test of the experience and technology of the program and the machinist

CNC Machining Complex Cavity Parts

At present, the online CNC machining shop is widely used in the machinery industry, and it is inevitable to encounter some complex, special-shaped or similar hollow workpieces. When making such workpieces, it is a test of the experience and technology of the program and the machinist

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