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3003 Aluminum vs 6061: What is the Difference Between

As you know aluminum is one of the most demanding elements globally due to its extraordinary characteristics and properties. Mainly its corrosion resistance and lightweight nature makes it suitable for many domestic and industrial applications. Many of yo
Aug 08,2023

6061 vs 6082 Aluminum Comparative Guide

Aluminum is a very demanding material in engineering applications because of being strong and lighter in weight. By adding alloying elements in Al alloys and providing heat treatment, its mechanical properties like shear strength and toughness further inc
Aug 08,2023

7050 vs 7075 Aluminum: What is the Difference Between

Aluminum alloys are essential structural material for many industrial and engineering applications. These possess greater strength at subzero temperature. Due to their low melting point, the strength can be decreased at elevated temperatures. 7000 series
Aug 08,2023

2024 vs 7075 Aluminum: What is the Difference Between

Alloys are made by combining two or more metals. It helps in enhancing the features of base metals and further modify their properties. Aluminum alloys are one of the most demanding materials because of their unique features and applications in engineerin
Aug 08,2023

How to Cut Aluminum | 5 Cutting Ways

Cutting technique selection is dependent on the type of material because methods are different for thin and thick sections. Normally, thick materials are difficult to cut and could be costly as compared to cutting aluminum. Aluminum has good machinability
Aug 08,2023

How to Polish Metal | 8 Ways

A lustrous look in metals like Stainless Steel or Brass is often desired in order to give them an aesthetic appeal. This can be achieved by polishing metals. Besides aesthetics, polishing is also done for sanitary and hygiene purposes for healthcare and f
Aug 08,2023

How to Use a Micrometer: A Comprehensive Guide

 Micrometers are used for precise measurements. At manufacturing of any product, precision of dimensions always have its own significance. Aerospace, automotive, horology, electronics and medical sciences are taking advantage of micrometer at ground
Aug 07,2023

Bolt Vs Screw: What is the Difference Between?

Bolt Vs Screw: What is the Difference Between? Both fasteners have application in structural part of machines due to ease of joining process, disassembly option, equivalent strength to weld and provision of clamping force. But they have different types wi
Aug 06,2023

Spiral Machining: The Ultimate Guide

Spiral machining is a method employed in manufacturing to achieve continuous patterns on materials such, as metal or wood. This technique utilizes a cutting tool that rotates and gradually removes material along a path leading to the creation of visually
Aug 06,2023

Anodized Aluminum Color: The Ultimate Guide

Aluminum has a protective oxide layer of Al2O3 which prevents aluminum from corrosion. Taking benefit from this property aluminum is anodized and an oxide layer is formed artificially over the surface of sample though an electrolytic reaction. This l
Aug 06,2023

How to Cut Stainless Steel: Metal Cutting Guide

Stainless steel is renowned for its extraordinary corrosion resistance and durability and is widely used material in the industrial world. However, due to its hardness and specific properties it is difficult to cut through stainless steel. There are vario
Aug 04,2023

AC vs DC Welding: What is the Difference Between?

AC vs DC Welding: What is the Difference Between? Introduction: Welding is structure fabrication technique for joining of metals by fusing them, mixing liquid metal, make solid and stress relieving with compatible strength of base metals and heat affected
Aug 01,2023

Carbon Steel vs Stainless Steel: Which is Better

Steel is playing vital role in the infrastructure of any country and its prosperity which signifies steel as a backbone of economy. Steel has revolutionized the modern world in the field of construction, medical, food processing and in marine applications
Aug 01,2023

T6 vs T651: Aluminum Alloys Comparison Guide

Aluminum alloys are available in many grades and it is not an easy task to differentiate between them. This article provides you with a comparison of two of the most used tempering processes being used for aluminum alloys. These tempered alloys have the s
Aug 01,2023

Surface Finish Chart: The Complete Guide

Metal surface finish charts are a reference tool used for assuring quality and precision in surface preparation. In addition to physical properties like strength, ductility or toughness etc. surface provides material an overall appearance. A smooth surfac
Jul 28,2023

Black Oxide: The Complete Guide

You must be wondering what is black oxide? It is basically a black oxides coat used to provide a good surface finish to machined components. Now the question arises, what is the black oxide formula and how to coat a material with this? In this article, yo
Jul 28,2023

Anodized Brass: The Definitive Guide

You must be wondering what anodized brass is and what is its use? Well, anodizing is a coating method to create a protective layer on metals. It is normally done on titanium (Ti) and aluminum (Al) products, but the question is how to color brass, or can y
Jul 28,2023

Sandblasting Aluminum: A Comprehensive Guide

Mostly people have no idea what sand blasting Aluminum (Al) is, unless you are professional or previously you have done any project related to this. But we are here with this article to provide an ultimate guide to this article. The other name of this met
Jul 28,2023
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