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How to Bend Metal Sheet | By Hand and 6 Tips

All engineering design organization, forming institutions and workshops need process of bending for fabrication of job. Because only welding, thermal cutting and machining cannot fulfil the requirement of fabrication technology plan. But to bend the job w
Jul 05,2023

What is Tack Welding?

Introduction: Tack welding is the process to make temporary metal fused joint at the bevel location of weldment so that further bead follow the same pattern / direction. Its main purpose is to hold the job, maintain the gap between, reduce the stresses, m
Jul 05,2023
Red vs Yellow Brass

Red Brass vs Yellow Brass: A Comparative Guide

Origin of red and yellow brass is not clear but both are found in old civilizations such as Egyptian, Greek, Mesopotamian and Romans. By chemical compositional point of view, red and yellow brass have some variation of copper and zinc in alloys. Understan
Jul 05,2023

Alloy Steel vs Carbon Steel: The Key Differences and Selection Criteria

There is hardly an industry that doesn’t use steel as it’s counted among the most common materials in the world with varying applications. Technically, steel is an iron alloy that gets its unique properties by combining different elements in s
Jul 04,2023

Chrome vs Stainless Steel: What is the Difference Between

Meta Description: Chrome and stainless steel are extremely common across various industries. They both look identical and provide similar durability and functionality. Read on to know more about Chrome vs Stainless Steel to decide which one is the better
Jul 03,2023

Mig Vs Tig Welding: What is the Difference Between?

Introduction: Stick welding is not the need in all engineering fabrication processes, especially for mass production and miniature parts. Metallurgical design may requires inert atmosphere and shielding gasses during welding. And it needs continuous flow
Jul 03,2023

Stainless Steel vs Aluminum: What is the Difference Between

Aluminum and stainless steel are playing vital role in different aspects of life including food storage, automotives, aerospace and home decor purposes. Aluminum was discovered in 1825, and industrial production was started in 1856. On the other hand, sta
Jul 01,2023

Ferrous vs Non Ferrous: What is the Difference Between?

Surely you are familiar with, or at least curious in, the distinction between ferrous and nonferrous alloys. You'll learn everything about the key distinctions between ferrous and nonferrous metals in this article. Now let’s start with the basic
Jul 01,2023

Copper vs Bronze vs Brass: What is the Difference Between

Copper is one of the oldest found and employed metal for several applications by humans. In current scenario, copper is extensively used in electrical components, heat exchangers, health care and plumbing due to extraordinary set of properties. Tin and Zi
Jun 29,2023

Satin Nickel vs Brushed Nickel: What is the Differences Between

Are you searching for fixtures and finishes for your new home? But face difficulty in choosing one from a number of available varieties. There are so many varieties available in markets.  Among them nickel products are quite familiar due to thei
Jun 21,2023

Galvanized Steel vs Stainless Steel: What is the Difference BVetween

In our daily life, we see rusted pipes, chains, tarnished silver jewelry, structural steel parts and car bodies. Why would that happen? As per thermodynamics, every metal and alloy try to attain its lower possible energy. Insatiability of the metal with r
Jun 21,2023

Is Cobalt Magnetic?

You must be familiar with the word magnetism or magnetization. All the materials react differently to magnetic field. There are many reasons for every material’s behavior toward magnetic field. cobalt metal also has unique magnetic properties. You m
Jun 21,2023
Is Steel Magnetic

Is Steel Magnetic? Magnetic and Non Magnetic Steel Grades

Stainless steel is one of the common alloys that is present around you. why is that? It is because it is cheap, easily available and has many interesting features. The most interesting part is its magnetic properties. At some point in your life, you must
Jun 21,2023

Polished Nickel vs Chrome: What's the Difference Between

While observing surfaces, shinny, glossy and tarnish free surfaces are more likely desirable than dull and tarnished surfaces. Different industries use multiple techniques to achieve that goal. In this regard, surface treatment has emerged as a field and
Jun 21,2023

Stainless Steel VS Sterling Silver: What's the Difference Between

Are you going to buy jewelry for yourself or for your loved ones but you are finding it difficult to choose between sterling silver and stainless steel jewelry? Also you don’t know which one is most suitable for you? And also you are not aware of th
Jun 19,2023
Is Magnesium Magnetic

Is Magnesium Magnet?

Magnesium metal is one of those materials which are present in heavy amount on earth. It is a lightweight material and has many applications from automotive to medical fields. You know magnesium metals have an interesting thing that it is also an importan
Jun 19,2023
Photo Booth Shell, T12, T11,  Metal Shell

Photo Booth Shell Selection and Customization as Per User Requirement

Photo Booth Shell Selection and Customization as Per User Requirement.         Introduction: Photo Booth Shell is costly and dedicated picture equipment. But it is necessary to learn the technical specifications and requ
Jun 17,2023

Enclosed Trailer Accessories

Enclosed trailers are the vital part of cargo industry and domestic transportation. They are useful in transportation from small household items to large industrial machinery. Concept of developing enclosed trailer comes from transportation of cargo item
Jun 17,2023
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