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Tuofa CNC Machining Parts Manufacturer:ISO9001/IATF16949/AS9100D Strict quality control in the precision machining shops ensures the quality of complex part prototypes to end-use products.

50 metal and plastic materials

20 surface treatment services

Tolerance is as low as 0.01mm(±.0004).

8 salespeople who are proficient in English, 5 top mechanical engineers in China, 24/7 industrial automation workshops with ISO9001 quality management system, and 30 mechanics who are skilled in operating machines to complete the manufacturing process from prototype parts to mass production.

Tuofa Precision CNC Machining Manufacturing Workshop has an area of more than 50000 sq.-ft in Shenzhen, China. It is also a product training base for cooperation with Chinese universities, including machining technology (CNC) professional training workshops, productive workshops, and comprehensive training workshops.

Why Choose Tuofa

Tuofa as a CNC machining China factory started in 2006, Tuofa Lean Manufacturing & Rapid Prototyping & On-demand Manufacturing Service experience can provide one-stop service: custom machining service, 3D printing model, sheet metal custom for our OEM customers.

  • IP protection
    • 1. We ensure the confidentiality of your entire order of CNC mechanical parts, 3D printing parts, or sheet metal parts produced by us. If you need some additional warranty, please send us a confidentiality agreement which can be signed by mail, and send us your CAD drawings.

      2. All partners of ours must undergo rigorous supplier assessments at the same time, which includes signing contractual obligations to protect your data. Confidentiality means confidentiality from start to finish.
  • High-standard quality inspection
    • 1. Technical review before product production Material verification

      2. On-site inspection of pre-production fixtures and equipment systems

      3. Quality inspection in the Dimensional process inspection after machining

      4. Dimensional and appearance inspection after surface treatment
  • Professional service team
    • 1. 24-hour online service with a timely response rate of 100%

      2. Technical engineers provide free technical support

      3. Quotes are provided within 1–12 hours
      Feedback on the production status of the product every three days during the production process

      4. After the inspection is completed, the product pictures and inspection reports are sent to the customer for review

      5. Tuofa CNC Machining Company will take product packaging pictures and delivery videos before delivery
  • Professional technical team
    • 1. A CEO with 24 years of work experience graduated from a major university in China, majoring in mechanical design manufacturing and automation.

      2. We have 30 technical engineers with more than 5 years of work experience

      3. We have 6 quality engineers with more than 5 years of work experience

      4. Double-check drawing issues patiently and with the professional suggestion and provide drawing modification parts design and engineering support
  • Efficient work efficiency
    • 1. Free quotes are available within 1–12 hours

      2. Product review results are issued within 1 day
      Rapid sample exchange in 3 days

      3. Fast bulk delivery in 7 days

About China Tuofa

China CNC Machining Parts Manufacturers: the mechanical engineers of Tuofa CNC Machining Company ensure cost-effective pricing of your project through effective communication with you.

Established in 2006 specializes in manufacturing CNC parts, sheet metal stamping parts, metal bending parts, 3D printing parts, and other custom processing services.

Tuofa Precision Machining Shops machines include CNC turning and CNC milling machines, grinders punching machines, drilling machines, screen printing machines, sheet metal stamping equipment, sheet metal cutting machines, 3D printers and, other equipment. We can process materials such as steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, alloys, plastics, and more than one hundred material types and dozens of surface treatments such as sandblasting, anodizing polishing, and electroplating.

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China CNC Machining Quality Inspection

CNC machining parts manufacturer in China: Precision Custom Machined Parts, CNC Turning Services, CNC Milling Services, CNC Turning and Milling Parts, Sheet metal Parts, Stamping Parts, 3D Printing Rapid Prototyping Services Instant Quote Online.

Why trust the quality control of Tuofa CNC Machining Company?

We will always double-check parts to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

On Demand Manufacturing Certifications

ISO9001:2015 quality management system: Tuofa on-demand manufacturing shop staff conduct on-site supervision of each project, to ensure compliance with production plans and specifications.

CNC Machining China Factory: Tuofa Machining Company has developed innovative and efficient manufacturing processes enabling customers to order parts more easily and faster.

CNC machining China
CNC machining China
CNC machining China
CNC machining China
CNC machining China
CNC machining China

Tuofa Excellent Team

Cooperation Customers

Custom CNC precision machining parts manufacturer in china - Tuofa is your trusted partner: 12% of Fortune 500 companies have long-term cooperation,

Precision parts and products for medical, energy, mechanical, electronic, and household appliances, perfectly embedded automotive, motorcycle, bicycle parts, metal keyboards, drone parts, robot parts, and all metal and plastic parts.

Online Custom Parts Shops

In the era of Industry 5.0, Tuofa has achieved high-precision high-standard lean manufacturing processes. Introduced 50 3-, 4- and 5-axis CNC machine tools imported from Germany, making Tuofa Machining's manufacturing capacity ahead of 80% of China's machined parts manufacturers.

As the global manufacturing market continues to change, so do the complexity and scale of production management. Tuofa Precision Machining Workshop can quickly respond to the diverse and uncertain needs of the market and provide rapid manufacturing of multiple varieties and small batches. Products that meet customer needs.

It has always been the ultimate goal of Tuofa Custom Machining Manufacturers to enable the personalized products ordered by customers worldwide to be on time, according to requirements, specifications, low cost, and high quality.

Product Center

CNC Machining China Factory has nearly 17 years of experience in manufacturing services: precision CNC turning, CNC milling, CNC turning and milling, rapid prototyping, sheet metal fabrication, 3D printing for the automotive industry, custom motorcycle parts, bicycle parts, metal keyboards, Robots, drones, energy industry, medical equipment, and other industries.

CNC Machining Parts

Sheet Metal Working

3D Printing Parts

Anodized Parts

How Tuofa Work

Allowing customers to obtain complex metal and plastic parts with excellent mechanical properties at a very low cost.

CNC machining China

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Tuofa Blog: Learn more about China CNC machining 3D printing sheet, metal processing, lean manufacturing, and cost calculation

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