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Micro Machining Service: Pushing the Boundaries of Manufacturing

Complex designing of products requires special kind of processing. Industry has found a solution for the manufacturing of very small products. The process is called micro machining in which very tiny products are manufactured using advanced technologies.
Sep 04,2023

What is Anodized Copper | Ultimate Guide

Copper is a brilliant and reliable metal that has been in human use since the bronze age. Its alloys can have a range of hues. However, it has a tendency to change appearance, texture and metal finish and show patina on its surface with the passage of tim
Aug 31,2023

 How to Sandblast Metal | Complete Guide

The surface finish for metals can be done through different methods but all these metal restoration processes include pre-cleaning of the surface. The sandblasting technique is a mechanical method of cleaning a surface. The sandblast finish also causes ro
Aug 31,2023

CNC Precision Machining | Beginner's Guide You Should Learn

Big machineries and heavy metal parts were considered close to the impossible for manufacturing. Nut with the advancement and technologies human being made the lives easier by producing ways. The main purpose to create those ways is to provide an easy sol
Aug 31,2023

Strength VS Stiffness: What is the Difference Between?

StrengthvsStiffnessdictatesdesignengineertoqualifyMaterialdesign, Structuraldesign, Functional design and Dynamic design with the application of Design conditions, Environment, Function and Operation, so that job can do its work in due course of life span
Aug 31,2023

How to Cut Copper Pipe | 10 Cutting Ways

Efficient cutting of copper pipe is essential for different specific applications. The easiest and fastest way is to cut copper pipe with Sawzall, tubing cutters, and auto pipe cutters. Oscillation tools require specific scenarios where they participate i
Aug 30,2023

How to Polish Stainless Steel | 6 Polish Ways

Stainless steel is an iron carbon-based alloy. It is famous for its unique features like thermal resistance and corrosion resistance. This is due to the presence of a high amount of chromium in it. It can range between 11-17% depending on the grade of sta
Aug 30,2023

PVD Stainless Steel: The 8 Key Factors You Want to Know

Physical vapor deposition (PVD) is one of the advanced technologies of coating. Compared to other conventional coating methods along with the wet chemical coating method. PVD is a more precise and accurate coating technology. PVD with its modified forms l
Aug 29,2023

How to Drill Metal: 15 Ways

How to Drill Metal: 15 Ways. Introduction: Everyassemblyjobneedfasteners, penetrationsandthroughholes forparticularpurpose and this all is possible making by drills in same assembly with particular size. But to complete the drilling job you have to select
Aug 24,2023

7075 Aluminum VS Steel:Which is Better

Aluminum alloy AA 7075 and steels belong to entirely different classes of materials. Their superiority depends upon their application. AA 7075 is the strongest alloy among 7xxx series and have very high strength to weight ratio. This property makes it a s
Aug 24,2023

Swiss Machining Ultimate Guide: Precision and Efficiency

The demand of CNC machining processes goes on increasing day by day and with that CNC Swiss machining also rise gradually. A rough estimate was provided in 2021 about CNC machining market over $56 Billion and is expected to grow in coming years. CNC
Aug 24,2023

China Top 10 Brass Fittings Manufacturers and Suppliers

An alloy of zinc and copper is called Brass. It has various qualities like low coefficient of friction, good malleability, low melting points and strong wear resistance. The other outstanding feature of brass is that it has high corrosion resistance. Chin
Aug 24,2023

China Top 10 Precision Machining Company and Suppliers

China is the leading the world with its CNC precision machining and processing of metal parts of almost all kinds. Precision, Cost effectiveness and high efficiency are the main features when it comes to CNC precision machining. Every CNC precision machin
Aug 24,2023

What is Metal Plating: Surface Treatment Guide

Different Materials have different properties and characteristics making them special for specific applications. Sometimes, single material is not enough for certain applications so we have to combine the properties of one material with another. Metallurg
Aug 23,2023

How to Polish Titanium | 8 Polish Ways

After the fabrication of titanium parts, the final step is how to shine the titanium surface finish to give a titanium mirror-like polished surface. Titanium polishing is also done by metallurgically to see the microstructure analysis of the titanium. Tit
Aug 23,2023

Anodized Stainless Steel: The Definitive Guide

The Definitive Guide Metals usually have only a limited range of hues and appearances. Further, their surfaces are prone to wear, abrasion and chemical attack. Anodization has been seen as a surface enhancement technique since more than a century for v
Aug 23,2023

G Code and M Code: What is the Difference Between?

Introduction: Manufacturing industry uses CNC machining process for Turning, Milling, Boring, Facing, Cutting, Shearing and 3D profiling of raw material so that it can take shape of final product present on the engineering drawing of final product with pr
Aug 18,2023

Standard Machining Tolerances: Learn Ultimate Guide

Machining industries follow tolerances from engineering drawing of job but the challenge is that how can workpiece receive tight tolerances from different machining operations without compromising surface finish. You have to learn basic ideas, reason, imp
Aug 18,2023
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