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How to Brushed Metal | Ultimate Guide

Brushed metals have unique appearance as it has texture on the surface, produced by abrasive brush. Architecture, construction, automotive industry utilized textured surfaces for aesthetics. Moreover, it enhances the durability of the metal by making it r
Aug 18,2023

8 Ways to Cut Carbon Fiber | Which do You Prefer

      Introduction After Iron Age and Bronze Age, the modern time is the era of carbon fibers. They mainly composed of carbon atoms in regular repeating three-dimensional network. The fundamental property which makes them superi
Aug 18,2023

China Top 10 Fastener Manufacturers and Suppliers

Mechanical devices that are used to join or secure things together are called fasteners. There are different types of fastener companies that supply different types of fasteners including screws, bolts, washers, nails, rivets, clips, clamps, and anchors.
Aug 18,2023

4130 vs 4140 Steel: Material Ultimate Guide

AISI 4130 and AISI 4140 steels belong to family of medium carbon low alloy steels. Major alloying elements involve carbon, chromium and molybdenum. Major difference in these steels is their carbon content. Due to higher percentage of carbon in AISI 4140,
Aug 18,2023

Top 10 Steel Parts Suppliers and Manufacturers in China

Discovery of alloys has made life much easier for human being. A very important alloy made up of Iron with different percentage of carbon mixture named as Steel is one of those alloys extensively been used worldwide. When it comes to steel parts manufactu
Aug 18,2023

Top 10 Sheet Metal Fabrication Companies in China

When it comes to providing services as experienced sheet metal fabricators, China is leading the world by quite a margin. In manufacturing industries jobs are different according to the requirements of the client and needs of the market. In manufacturing
Aug 14,2023

Metal Strength Chart | Complete Guide 2023

Before selecting a material, you must have complete knowledge about its strengths under different working conditions. This will help you in setting a factor of safety before making its structural components. Using a wrong metal will result in a terrible f
Aug 14,2023

How to Sandblast Titanium | 4 Key Tips

Sand blasting is an effective technique to modify the surface of the specimen. Materials which can be sandblast are woods, metals, steels, stones, brass, titanium, aluminums, and silver. Along with the modification of surface roughness, removal of corrosi
Aug 14,2023

Top 10 CNC Aluminum Parts Suppliers and Manufacturers in China

There is a saying that nothing is purpose less in this world. And Aluminum is a pure gift from nature that it has the ability to be recycled without much effort and being able to be used for infinite number of times. For Aluminum to be used again and agai
Aug 14,2023

Top 10 CNC Machining Parts Manufacturer in China

CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machining is the manufacturing process with the help of computerized controls machine tools used to remove the material layers from the work piece. This article includes the information regarding the best CNC machining parts
Aug 14,2023

How to Sandblast Brass | 4 Key Tips

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. It has improved strength and ductility as compared to copper. Recently many industries started using sandblasting technique for the surface finishing of brass. To optimize the process of sandblasting you need to have
Aug 12,2023

Anodized Titanium: The Definitive Guide

Anodizing is a famous electrochemical technique to develop colours on different metal and alloys. Anodizing of titanium is different than aluminum anodizing as it doesn’t involve any dye. An electrochemical process is implied and colour variation is
Aug 12,2023

11 Ways to Cut Titanium | Cutting Guide 2023

The aerospace, medical and automotives industry all employ titanium, which is light weight and has good corrosion resistance. It also has high strength to weight ratio. Machining of titanium is not a simple task because of its high hardness value and it i
Aug 12,2023

316 vs 316L Stainless Steel: What is the Difference Between

Steel has a broad range of alloys and stainless steel is one of them. 300 series stainless steel is very famous due to their unique properties. It has a high proportion of chromium that introduces rust free nature in alloy. The quantities of chromium and
Aug 12,2023

Mold vs Mould: Understanding the Differences

Mold vs Mould describes shaping, pouring and forming of profile with reference of two terms, both of terms have meaning of same process but they differ in spelling, origin, country nomenclature and English system of literature. If one spelling is present
Aug 10,2023

How to Brush Aluminum: A Step-by-Step Guide

Brushing also known as mechanical polishing which is mostly used for Aluminum and its alloys. It used in many applications like edge blending, deburring which involves the removal of imperfections from the surface of aluminum, roughening and polishing/cle
Aug 08,2023

3003 Aluminum vs 6061: What is the Difference Between

As you know aluminum is one of the most demanding elements globally due to its extraordinary characteristics and properties. Mainly its corrosion resistance and lightweight nature makes it suitable for many domestic and industrial applications. Many of yo
Aug 08,2023

6061 vs 6082 Aluminum Comparative Guide

Aluminum is a very demanding material in engineering applications because of being strong and lighter in weight. By adding alloying elements in Al alloys and providing heat treatment, its mechanical properties like shear strength and toughness further inc
Aug 08,2023
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