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Micro Machining Service: Pushing the Boundaries of Manufacturing

Complex designing of products requires special kind of processing. Industry has found a solution for the manufacturing of very small products. The process is called micro machining in which very tiny products are manufactured using advanced technologies.
Sep 04,2023

CNC Precision Machining | Beginner's Guide You Should Learn

Big machineries and heavy metal parts were considered close to the impossible for manufacturing. Nut with the advancement and technologies human being made the lives easier by producing ways. The main purpose to create those ways is to provide an easy sol
Aug 31,2023

Swiss Machining Ultimate Guide: Precision and Efficiency

The demand of CNC machining processes goes on increasing day by day and with that CNC Swiss machining also rise gradually. A rough estimate was provided in 2021 about CNC machining market over $56 Billion and is expected to grow in coming years. CNC
Aug 24,2023

Standard Machining Tolerances: Learn Ultimate Guide

Machining industries follow tolerances from engineering drawing of job but the challenge is that how can workpiece receive tight tolerances from different machining operations without compromising surface finish. You have to learn basic ideas, reason, imp
Aug 18,2023

Spiral Machining: The Ultimate Guide

Spiral machining is a method employed in manufacturing to achieve continuous patterns on materials such, as metal or wood. This technique utilizes a cutting tool that rotates and gradually removes material along a path leading to the creation of visually
Aug 06,2023
milling and welding

The Difference Between Milling and Welding: An Expert Guide for Beginners

Milling and welding are different manufacturing processes. But they cause enough confusion because they involve mechanical engineering. These processes will look the same to an untrained eye. When in reality, milling and welding are opposites in operation
May 11,2023
Heat Treatment

45 Steel Heat Treatment: 700°C to 930°C

Today, Tuofa CNC machining will share with you the relationship between quenching, microstructure and properties of 45 steel, so as to deepen the understanding of the degree of influence of different heat treatment processes on the microstructure. &nbs
Dec 15,2022
Welding Technology

China Aluminum & Aluminum Alloy Welding Technology Standards

1 Scope of application This process standard is applicable to manual tungsten polar argon arc welding and molten polar argon arc welding of aluminum and aluminum alloy. 2. Construction preparation 2.1 The welding of aluminum and aluminum alloy sh
Dec 15,2022
plastic welding

Plastic Welding Knowledge: 5 Ways & 7 Processes & 4 Mistakes

When it comes to welding, the first thing you think of may be the connection of metal parts. So how are the various plastic products seen in daily life welded? Tuofa CNC machining will describes plastic welding from the aspects of plastic welding technolo
Dec 15,2022

The Definitive Guide to Rivets: Types of Rivets and Riveting Processes

Rivet is not only a tool or a material, it can play a pivotal role in many industries.   For example, various industries such as housing construction and machine manufacturing need rivets to fasten some parts, so the rivets should be fastened a
Dec 14,2022

Types of Springs: Failure Analysis and Prevention Techniques

"Elastic" refers to the stretching force of objects, while "spring" refers to elastic parts. Objects made of metal or non-metal with jumping and elastic properties can use the rebound force generated by the stretching and twisting effe
Dec 14,2022
Aluminum Welding

Aluminum: 4 Welding Methods & 12 Welding Defects

Aluminum alloy is widely used in industrial products because it has good physical properties. Almost all kinds of welding methods can be used to weld aluminum and aluminum alloys, but aluminum and aluminum alloys have different adaptability to various wel
Dec 14,2022
Chamfer and Fillet

Chamfer VS Fillet: The Cost is in The Details

In Tuofa CNC Machining workshop, there are many parts have the rounded corners and edges . This design is called remove sharp edges and corners. In the quality inspection department of the precision workshop, we can see that many parts have been treated w
Dec 05,2022

How to Lock The Bolts From Loosening?

As a tool commonly used in fixtures, bolts are widely used, but long-term use will also bring many problems, such as loose connection, insufficient clamping force, and rusted bolts. During the processing and production of parts, the quality and efficiency
Dec 02,2022
Plastic Parts

Authoritative Design Process of Plastic Parts - Worth Collecting!

The structural design principles of China Shenzhen Tuofa CNC Machining for product development:   a. The structural design should be reasonable: the assembly clearance is reasonable, and all plug-in structures should reserve clearance; ensure s
Dec 01,2022

High Strength Bolt: Classification & Process | Guide

Today's advanced manufacturing represented by large aircraft, large power generation equipment, automobiles, high-speed trains, large ships, and large complete sets of equipment has entered an important development direction. As a result, fasteners wi
Nov 30,2022

High-strength Bolts VS Ordinary Bolts, The Strictest Manufacturing Process

Nowadays, people can enjoy the convenience brought by industrial products everywhere, and bolts have become a common part in daily life. We are used to seeing bolts of different sizes and lengths, and we have no sense of novelty about them. I feel that al
Nov 30,2022
Stainless Steel Welding

Complete Stainless Steel Welding Process, The Mechanic Must Know It!

Welding is a process in which the materials of the work pieces to be welded (same or different) are combined by heating or pressure or both, and with or without filling materials, so that the materials of the work pieces can be bonded between at
Nov 25,2022
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