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CNC Turning Milling Service

CNC turning milling service online custom CNC parts

What is CNC turning and milling composite process?   Composite machining (HEM-HSM/combined machining/combined working) is one of the most popular processing techniques in the field of machining internationally. It is an advanced
May 24,2022
Sheet metal fabrication

Sheet metal fabrication custom laser cutting aluminium parts

Sheet metal fabrication FAQs of laser cutting aluminium 6061   Customers search from social media: custom metal fabrication near me, find Tuofa CNC machining parts factory     Q: Hello I’m Joz. May I pleas
May 21,2022
machining manufacturer

Precision Machining Parts Manufacturer Custom CNC Parts

 precision machining manufacturer of CNC machining complex cavity parts   The machining center is widely used in the machinery industry at present, and it is inevitable to encounter some complex, special-shaped or cavity-like workpieces. W
May 21,2022
china machining manufacturer

CNC Machining Manufacturer Manage Machining Product Quality

How Does Tuofa CNC Machining Manufacturer Manage Machining Product Quality?   Tuofa Machining Manufacturer is based in Shenzhen, China, and has 16 years of CNC machining experience custom cnc parts online. The sales have maintained steady growt
May 19,2022
cnc parts manufacturer

Custom CNC Part the Best Solution for Motorcycle Shift Bracket?

Before custom CNC parts, we first understand the gear shift bracket of motorcycle     How does motorcycle shift support work?   The motorcycle has 4 gears, all of which are forward gears. The motorcycle does not have a revers
May 13,2022

Custom CNC machining parts- machining manufacturer China

Custom CNC Machining LED Explosion - Proof Flashlight Aluminum Parts In recent years, with the introduction of supporting LED policies and the promotion of LED light source technology. The development of the LED industry and technological innovation co
May 11,2022

How can I become authorized to use the 3D printer?

3D Printing self-service is not currently available.   How do I design my object? Designing a 3D object to print is done using 3D modeling software. There are many 3D modeling programs available, including professional programs like SolidWor
May 11,2022

Can aluminum be welded?

Aluminum is a tricky material to weld. DSI has the trained welders with experience and proper equipment for welding aluminum, even light-gauge aluminum components, including retail shelving, cabinets, electrical boxes and support framework.   C
May 11,2022

Do we machining plastics?

Yes. We regularly machine PVC, Peek, Teflon, Delrin, PPS, PDFE and others.   Can composite materials be machined? We can machine most carbon-fiber composites, but special tooling is required, and experimentation must be done on each new part
May 11,2022
CNC machining China

One of the Best Machining in China -Tuofa Metal Products Company

What products can Tuofa produce?   Shenzhen Tuofa Metal Fabrication Inc. is located in Shenzhen, China. It was established in 2006. It is a manufacturer of CNC mechanical parts and sheet metal parts. The following is a detailed introduction to
May 05,2022
Custom industrial parts

Custom CNC Machining Industrial Pneumatic Tools Parts

Industrial CNC parts solutions - to my American friend Mike   At the beginning, Mr. Mike contacted us from his friend, who has been working with us for five years. After checking Mike's CAD drawings, our machinist provided a quotation for h
Apr 27,2022
milling machining parts

What is CNC milling?

Meaning of CNC Milling   CNC milling machine is a kind of CNC machine tool with high precision machining ability.   The shape of the machined surface on a milling machine is generally made up of straight lines, circular arcs or other
Apr 26,2022
Custom mechanical keyboard

5 Key Points of Custom Mechanical Keyboard

How to customize mechanical keyboard parts: top, bottom, plate, and weight?   Keyboard is a kind of the primary input devices. Usually we are familiar with keyboards such as Laptop keyboards, Smartphone and tablet keyboards, desktop keyboards (
Apr 25,2022
CNC turning parts service

9 steps of CNC lathe machining parts

The Basic Process of Machining Parts on CNC Lathes   CNC machine tools can better solve complex, precise, small-batch, and changeable part processing problems. It is a flexible and high-efficiency automatic machine tool. Shenzhen Tuofa Metal Fa
Apr 19,2022
machining stainless steel parts

Are stainless-steel CNC parts difficult to machining?

CNC machining solution of stainless steel parts   Compared with parts of other materials, stainless steel precision parts will have more problems in processing, which leads to some CNC factories being unwilling to machining stainless steel prec
Apr 07,2022
Price of turning parts

A method for calculating the cost of turned parts

Cost of turning parts   Due to the development of science and technology, the machinery for turning parts and components has changed a lot. From the traditional manual ordinary turning machinery (referred to as "ordinary lathes") to a
Mar 31,2022
custom aluminum cnc machining

The Dos and Don'ts of Aluminum Milling

With the increase of aluminum alloy material grades and the continuous development of CNC machining, the application field of aluminum alloy products is constantly expanding, which puts higher requirements on the quality and level of aluminum alloy
Mar 28,2022
CNC milling manufacturer

Introduction to CNC milling machines and milling machining parts

Shenzhen Tuofa Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of CNC machine parts located in China, with dozens of CNC milling machines and CNC lathes in the production workshop. In this article, we specifically introduce the types of CNC milling
Mar 24,2022

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