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China Tuofa Precision CNC Machining Manufacturer
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Brass Machining Service
Brass Machining Service
CNC Brass Machining
Brass Machining

Brass CNC Machining Service Milling Machining Spare Parts CNC Precision Brass Turned Components

Brass CNC Machining Spare Parts, CNC Precision Brass Turned Components, Custom Machining Parts


CNC Brass Machining Services: CNC Turning Services, OEM Machining Services, Custom Machining Services, CNC Milling Services.
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Brass CNC Machining Spare Parts: CNC Milling Service


  • Brass CNC Machining China: CNC Turning Services, OEM Machining Services, Custom Machining Services, CNC Milling Services,custom precision machining.
  • Lead Time: Sample 7days, 100~1000pieces 15days, 1000~10000 20days, >10000 To be negotiated.
  • Materials: Brass (HPb62, HPb59, H59, H68, H80), Copper (C11000,C12000,C36000)
  • High precision:±0.005mm
  • Surface Finishing Services: Acid Dipping, Deactivation, Zinc Plating, Gold Plating, Phosphorus chemical nickel, etc.





Custom Brass Alloy CNC Milling Parts Copper Parts Machining Services


  • Logo: Laser Marking logo service, Laser Engraving logo;
  • Custom Packaging: According to the customer's requirements;
  • Graphic Custom: According to the customer's requirements;
  • Shipping Services: International express (DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT), Air transportation, Railway transportation, Sea transportation;
  • Services: Provide OEM / ODMMachining Services.
  • Process: CNC Machining& Deburrs;
  • Surface treatment: Acid Washing, Deactivation, Zinc Plating, Gold Plating, Phosphorus chemical nickel, etc.
  • Equipment: CNC machining centers;
  • Size: Custom as the customer's 2D/3D drawings.




Advantages of Tuofa Brass CNC Machining Parts & Precision Milling Copper Parts


  • Provides precision manufacturing capabilities to match a wide range of metal and plastic materials
  • Competitive price
  • Excellent corrosion resistance under atmospheric conditions
  • Good surface finish and nice appearance
  • Short lead time and on-time delivery
  • Both small and high volume production is accepted
  • Material certificates
  • Professional and easy communication



CNC Milling brass








Brass Alloy CNC Machining Parts Precision CNC Milling Copper Parts Custom Services



Brass (HPb62, HPb59,H59,H68,H80), Copper (C11000,C12000,C36000).

Surface Treatment

Acid Washing, Deactivation, Zinc Plating, Gold Plating, Phosphorus chemical nickel etc.


Standard Tolerance: ±0.01mm; 100% QC quality inspection before delivery and can provide quality inspection form.

Testing equipment

Coordinate Measuring Machine,Tool microscope, Multi-joint arm, Automatic height gauge, Manual height gauge, Dial gauge, Marble platform, Roughness measurement

File Formats

Solid Works, Pro/Engineer, AutoCAD(DXF,DWG), 3D(STEP, STP, IGS,), PDF, TIF etc.

Service Project

Production Design, Production and Technical Service, Custom Packaging Service, Assembly Parts Services, etc.




brass cnc machining service


Brass Alloy Parts CNC Machining Workshop of Tuofa CNC Machinig Company


Tuofa has many professional customized CNC machining services and custom CNC machining parts.

Professional Industry: Our engineers and technologists with over 15 years of experience. They can analyze your part geometry to identify complex and delicate parts accurately.

Design Capacity:If you don't have a 3D CAD file to get a quote, we can quote and design drawings for you based on the samples you provide us.

Qualified quality:Your parts will be inspected with a 3D measuring instrument of a professional quality inspector.

Confidentiality:We can sign the Non-disclosure agreements to protect your design.

Special materials: Carbon Fiber, Titanium, Nickel Alloy Etc.


Tuofa CNC Machining is one of the best CNC processing technology manufacturers in mainland China. Mainly engaged in CNC machining parts, 3D printing parts, CNC lathe machining parts, milling machining parts, automotive lathe parts, metal stamping parts, andsheet metal prototype fabrication.



cnc turning brass parts
brass cnc milling service
cnc machining parts supplier




Application Industry of CNC Milling Brass Parts and Copper Pats


CNC milled brass and copper parts can be a cost-effective alternative to casting and CNC machining. The process is also fast and produces minimal waste of material.


Precision machined brass and copper parts are widely used in industrial and consumer parts, as well as in specialized industries such as automotive, aerospace, energy, robotics, and more.


Electronic Industry

Electronic Industry

Medical Industry

Medical Industry

Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry

Agricultural industry

Agricultural industry

Machine tool industry

Machine tool industry

Aviation Industry

Aviation Industry

Precision CNC Milling Services - Professional Custom Miling Parts Manufacturer


Tuofa was established in 2006, specializing in the high-speed production of CNC machining parts, sheet metal processing parts, stamping bending parts, and also provides other customized metal processing services.


Tuofa CNC Machining Company has been providing custom CNC Milling & CNC Lathe Machining Service and Sheet Metal Fabrication Service for over 15 years in Shenzhen, China. Our CNC Milling department consists of German CNC Milling machines and numerous state-of-the-art CNC machining manufacturing centers made by some of the best CNC manufacturers in the industry.


Production CNC milling & turning in all metals, including stainless steel, aluminum, Steel, Plastic, Titanium, Nickel Alloy Etc. And the surface treatment has sandblasting, anodizing, blackening, QPQ, chrome plating, galvanizing, tin plating, powder coating, painting, etc.


We work closely with OEM and other engineers in various industrial markets. Working with our customers throughout the entire process builds relationships that carry on from project to project.


The industries we work with have high-quality standards that must be adhered to during product design and development. Machining tight tolerances in high-volume production is what we do every day in our state-of-the-art machine shop. We will do a reliable and correct job for you every time.



Tuafa Machining Energetic and Passionate Team


Teammates exceed the company's expectations, and the team is devoted to completing customer orders perfectly in terms of thought, action, emotion, and spirit. We appreciate their contributions and are excited to continue developing the Tuofa future with them. We are glad to work with them to open up a broader market for manufacturing! Our vision is to be a company with a difference, offering unwavering belief and infinite hope to our employees and customers. Our work ethic and company culture make our customers, suppliers, and team members happy to work with Shenzhen Tuofa CNC Machining Company.

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