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Custom Industrial Design Transparent Shell Clear Plastic Parts Rapid Prototype SLA 3D Printing Service

Customized Slim 3d Metal Printing Custom Metal 3d Print

SLM, 3D metal print, SLA, SLS,


Lead Time:Quantity(Pieces) 1 - 100 , >100 ; Time(days) 3-15 ,To be negotiated
Materials:Metals and Plastics

Dimensional Accuracy:

Produt Details Company Profile

Custom Plastic Parts Online - SLA 3D Printing Manufacturer


SLM, 3D metal print, SLA, SLS


Lead Time: Quantity (Pieces) 1 - 100 , >100; Time (days) 3-15, To be negotiated
Materials: Metals and Plastics


Dimensional Accuracy:

For SLA 3D printing, Minimum Wall Thickness = 0.02” (0.5mm); Tolerances = ±0.006” (0.15mm) to ± 0.002” (0.05mm).


For SLS 3D printing, Minimum Wall Thickness = 0.04” (1.0mm); Tolerances = ± 0.008” (0.20mm) to ± 0.004” (0.10mm).


Surface Finishing Service: including anodizing, painting, passivation, electroplating, powder coating, polishing, black oxide,conversion coating, abrasive blasting, etc.

industrial 3d printing parts




Custom CNC SLA and SLS 3D printing prototyping Services




  • Custom packaging (MOQ: 250 pieces)
  • Graphic custom (MOQ: 250 pieces)
  • Shipping services: Express (DHL, UPS, FEDex, TNT), Sea, Air, Railway
  • Services: provide 0EM / ODM
  • Process: SLA 3D print, SLS 3D print etc.
  • Surface finished: The surface of the prototype by SLS 3D printing is loose and rough, while SLA 3D printing provides high-definition to make the surface of the parts smoother and the details clearer.
  • Color: transparent, black, and as the coustomer requirements
  • Size: Custom as the customer's 2D/ 3D drawing




Advantages of SLA & SLS 3D Print


3d printing companies


Leverage our experience



- Complex shapes and precise details.


- Various material property options.
- Smooth surfaces and post-processing options.






- No support structures, enabling complex geometries.

- Engineering-grade thermoplastics (Nylon, GF Nylon).
-Excellent mechanical properties and layer bonding.
-Temperature resistance, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance.


- Both low and high volume production run accepted

- Material certificates

3d printing plastic parts




Tuofa Precision 3D Printing Service



custom manufacturing cnc machining milling turning aluminum parts service


  1. Metal:aluminum, titanium,stainless steel ect

2. Plastics: POM, ABS, Nylon ,Resin ,Acrylic ,Delrin , PEEK, PP, PC etc.

Surface Treatment

Polishing , Painting oli ,


+/-0.05mm, 100% QC quality inspection before delivery, can provide quality inspection form

Testing equipment

CMM, automatic height gauge, manual height gauge, Dial gauge, Marble platform, vernier caliper, go no-go gauge, instrument, micrometer, depth gauge, Clearance gauge


3D printing sevice, CNC lathe machining, milling machining, precision machining, grinding, EDM wire cutting, laser cutting, bending, drilling

File Formats

AutoCAD(DXF,DWG), 3D( STEP, STP, IGS, X-T), PDF etc.

Service Project

To provide production design, production and technical service, mould development and processing, etc.




3D Printing Machining Shop of Tuofa Metal Products Company


Tuofa is huge numbers of professional custom CNC milling service manufacturer.

  • Professional industry: engineers and technologists with over 15 years of experience: they can analyze your part geometry to identify complex and precision parts without a problem
  • Design capacity: as you without 3D CAD file to request a quote, can provide sample to us for design drawing.
  • Qualified quality: Your parts will be inspected with 3D measuring instrument of professional quality inspector
  • Confidentiality: can signe the Non-disclosure agreements to protect your design.


Tuofa is one of the expert in the field of cnc machining process in mainland China. It's main in CNC machining parts, 3D printing parts, CNC lathe machining parts, milling machining parts, auto lathe parts, metal stamping parts, Sheet metal parts.




Why choose us for 3D printing Service


3d printing parts supplier


One-stop Solution

Providing a wide range of 3D printing services, including SLA 3D printing, SLS 3D printing.



Quality Assurance

We have a full team of dedicated engineers and project managers that will work with you to verify your CAD designs, product functions, dimensional tolerances, etc



Customer Service

Every customer is served by specialized sales for timely technical support and after-sales service. Try our sheet metal fabrication services.




Quality Assurance - OEM 3D Print Service


Our professional workshop making various kinds of metal stamping parts, such as metal fabrication parts, deep drawing parts, bending parts, welding parts, etc.




FAQ on Precision 3D Printing Prototyping Serivce


See more about the FAQ of precision machining.


How can I get a quotation from your company?


A: Send us e-mail. In order to quote you as soon as possible, we need the following information:

  1. Detailed drawings (Format: CAD/PDF/DWG/IGES/STEP/STP)
  2. Materials
  3. Color
  4. Quantity
  5. Any special packaging or other requirements



Q: Are you a factory or trade company?

A: F1, Building A, Esdlumen Technology Park, No.107, Huanguan South Road, Guanlan, 518110, Shenzhen, CN

Welcome to visit our factory.



Q: What is surface treatment do you have?

A: anodizing, painting, passivation, electroplating, powder coating, polishing, black oxide, abrasive blasting, etc.



Q: What is your quotation element?

A: Sample or drawings, material, surface treatment and quantity.



Q: I want to keep our design in secret, can we sign NDA?

A: Sure, we can sign NDA.



Q: What if I want a custom part but I can't draw?

A: We can also offer design service as long as you tell us all your requires.



Q: What is your payment term?

A: Paypal, T/T, Western Union, L/C, etc.

50% in advance, 50% before shipment.




Application Industry of 3D printing



1. Engineering Test Parts.



2. Complex Ducts, Snap Fits, Living Hinges.



3. Medical applications

Healing the wounded and saving the dying needs to give full play to the potential of medical resources, and 3D printing has become a right arm of doctors. The simplest application is customizing prosthetics, dental, orthopedic implants, hearing aid casings and other medical devices using non-living materials such as metal and plastic. Living tissues such as blood vessels and cartilage can also be made by 3D printing. Check our precision machining parts.



4. Part printing

For different parts design ideas, 3D printing can be printed immediately and quickly, considering different levels of requirements, saving time and effort and cost.



5. Toys cartoon

Whether designers or ordinary people can design toys by themselves with the help of 3D printers, and everyone can design their favorite toy models.

Advanced Precision 3D Printing Services - Professional 3D Printer Prototyping


Which was established in 2006 and specializes in manufacturing CNC machining parts, sheet metal processing services, stamping bending and other customized processing services.


Tuofa metalworking company has been providing custom CNC Milling & CNC Turning Service and Sheet Metal Fabrication Service for over 15 years in Shenzhen, China. Our CNC Milling department consists of German CNC Milling machines and numerous state-of-the art CNC machining manufacturing centers made by some of the best CNC builders in the industry.


3D printing is usually achieved using digital technology material printers. It is often used in mold making, industrial design and other fields to make models, and then gradually used in the direct manufacture of some products. There are already parts printed by using this technology. The technology is used in jewelry, footwear, industrial design, architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC), automotive, aerospace, dental and medical industries, education, geographic information systems, civil engineering, firearms, and other fields.


The industries we work with have high quality standards that must be adhered to during product design and development. Machining tight tolerances on high volume production is something we complete every day in our advanced machine shop.


Servicing all clientele including medical, aerospace, defense, electronic, and commercial industries.


3D printing serivce completed for Europe and America customers and clients around the world.


We are a highly motivated and passionate team.


There is no perfect individual, only a perfect team. Teammates beat expectations at Enterprises and teams invest in thought, action, emotion, and spirit, so perfect completion of customer needs.


Our vision is to be a company that is refreshingly different, and where everybody matters. It is our work ethic and company culture that makes our customers, vendors and team members happy to work with Shenzhen Tuofa CNC Machining.


Every last one of them seeks to make your job safer and easier. We are always happy to take your calls and promptly answer and questions product, price, shipping,or custom order requests.




Business Philosophy


Keeping promises and doing our duty.



Strategic Goal


Will be a good helper in your career to scale new heights..



Business Positioning


Winning Customer Satisfaction with Quality Service



Enterprise Core Values


customer satisfaction, technological innovation, integrity and responsibility, and win-win cooperation.

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