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Tuofa CNC machining manufacturer offers the following on demand manufacturing services:



Design and Engineering Support
Custom Drawings and Samples
Custom Assembly Services
Batch Manufacturing on-Demand



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Process for Custom OEM Parts


Do you need custom OEM parts or machines created for your project or business? If so, Tuofa CNC machining on demand service is your best choice. We are a custom CNC machining manufacturer that has provided quality metal fabrication services for over 17 years.


We work with companies across various industries and areas of expertise to produce high-quality custom OEM products that keep your development cycle on track. additionally, we use advanced lean fabrication methods and high-precision tools, paying attention to detail to fabricate parts based on your specifications.



OEM parts manufacturer


Desgin and Engineering Support

We provide online engineering customer support for your parts 2D 3D drawing design and manufacturing questions. Assist in reviewing project plans, this includes case-by-case suggestions to help you reduce cost early on in the design process.

OEM parts manufacturer

Custom Drawings and Samples

Custom drawings and samples for startups & enterprises, instant communication with technicians to assist you design highest quality & lowest cost OEM parts. Whether you have a simple sketch of your design or a CAD drawing, our craftsmen have the expertise to bring your vision to life.

OEM parts manufacturer

Custom Assembly Services

Choose from hundreds of species of possible combinations of materials, finishes, tolerances, markings, and certifications for your assembly order. Get assembled, ready-to-use parts delivered right to your door without the hassle of sourcing, project management, logistics, or shipping. Tuofa's assembly service is a great choice for high quality, ISO 9001:2015 certified parts.

OEM parts manufacturer

Batch Manufacturing on-Demand

Batches are delivered on-demand, no storage needed, lock-in pricing and lead-times for the duration of the contract. No pre-financing needed, avoid the risk of getting parts you don't need.





Tuofa Machinery Works is a Manufacturer of OEM Parts


Don't wait longer than you need to for your parts and accessories, custom for OEM parts online today.

CNC Machining Parts


High machining productivity & Flexible machining capacity & High machining accuracy: CNC machining has a very flexible production capacity and can manufacture customized machined parts. A CNC machine can be completely reprogrammed in a short amount of time to produce a completely different product.

● CNC milling parts
● CNC turning parts

Sheet Metal Fabrication


Sheet metal processing is widely used: Compared with the production and processing of forgings and castings, sheet metal parts have the advantages of being lightweight, saving metal materials, simple processing technology, reducing production costs, and saving production costs.

Stamping, Bending, Laser Cutting, Water Jet Cutting, Welding.

3D Printing Projects


The most prominent advantage of 3D printing technology is that parts of any shape can be directly generated from computer graphics without machining or molding, thereby greatly shortening the product development cycle, improving productivity, and reducing production costs. Costs are reduced by eliminating production lines, and material waste is greatly reduced compared to conventional technologies.





Quality for OEM Parts Control Solutions


As an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company, we take quality control seriously. Quality control starts at the beginning with files. Our design engineers ensure that the file(s) are reviewed and approved prior to the machining process. The physical quality control department then reviews the parts to ensure they are on spec.


All repairs or adjustments are completed according to the customer’s specifications.

A basic dimensional inspection report can be made.

A CMM report (coordinate measuring machine) can be obtained through Tuofa.

At Tuofa precision machining shop, it is our aim to deliver high quality parts that matches your requirements and expectations. However if your order fails to meet your specifications you will be covered with our Rework and Refund Policy.

You will be able to raise any issues within 5 business days of receiving your parts. Our order fulfillment team will resolve these issues as quickly as possible typically within 1-3 business days.

Custom CNC parts online.



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Why Choose Tuofa Machining Manufacturer to Custom CNC Parts?


Tuofa offers a variety of manufacturing technologies to create end-use parts quickly and affordably.

There are dozens of ways that a component can be produced, so Tuofa engineers can often advise engineers on which process and material will perform best in the final environment.


CNC machining and sheet metal fabrication technology are typical processes for precision metal parts with strict material requirements.

3D printing technology is now advanced enough to be a solid choice for engineers in search of parts with strong mechanical qualities but with a much cheaper price tag.



oem parts manufacturer

Functional Prototyping

Functional Prototype is a model of a product built to test a concept or process, in cnc machining parts or sheet-metal parts, 3D printing project accord with function and appearance of the intended design. All parts are covered under the Tuofa Quality Guarantee.

oem parts manufacturer

High-performance Components

Tuofa's senior engineer team and account management team are working for the customer. Services include process, material, design, cost optimization, and order management. To ensure quality, Tuofa precision machining shop offers precision tolerances and has the industry's highest quality designations, ISO 9001:2015 certifications.

oem parts manufacturer

Affordable Price

We leverage supply capacity within our China's huge market to guarantee competitive pricing on every order. No hidden costs - all costs are included in our quotes and we always commit to the pricing shown.

oem parts manufacturer

Low-volume Production

Production batches can be low-, medium-, or high-volume and may comprise a single design or multiple part designs. So, no limits on order size - we can scale with you from one-off prototypes to millions of production parts.





Tuofa Lean Manufacturing OEM Project Experience in Numbers

Tuofa lean manufacturer will respond to your needs – no matter what it takes. We are determined to get you your parts quickly, correctly, and at the right price. We’re here to change the custom parts services by changing how you get your parts. Instant quoting, quick delivery, and awesome prices help bring your ideas and inventions to the world.


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Need Help with Parts Design and Batch Production?


Our team of engineers can help optimize existing designs across manufacturing processes, including online CNC machining parts, 3D printing project, CNC turning services, CNC milling machining, sheet metal fabrication service,custom metal stamp.



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03. Finishing and Post-Processing Options with On Demand Manufacturing




Custom Parts Service


A "custom service" is a service which is made-to-measure for the customer. This type of service is designed to provide customers with a product which adapts to their specific needs.


Tuofa manufactures only the highest quality materials and components. Each of our OEM parts is guaranteed to be durable and trouble-free. Consistently high production standards ensure that each custom OEM part keeps your production line running.


Order OEM Parts

Excellent mechanical properties
Established technology
Wide variety of materials
Custom genuine parts and accessories
Consistency and precision

OEM parts order

Unused material
Limited part geometry
Higher initial cost
Wide variety of materials
Innovation and application of technology





On Demand Manufacturing with High Quality and Low Cost


In this day and age, dealing with inventory costs is a challenge. It refers to the cost of storing unsold goods or unfinished parts. This is one of the main reasons for the rise of the on-demand manufacturing concept as a manufacturing engineering platform. With the onset of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the growing power of IoT and cloud computing is changing the way Manufacturing is developed. On-Demand, Manufacturing is a complete architecture that reduces quotation delays and increases the efficiency and transparency of supply chain management.


On-demand Manufacturing is also known as Low-Volume Manufacturing, in which parts are produced only when the customer orders and the number of parts produced do not exceed the customer's actual needs. Through, customers can easily get the price of the parts they want to order and keep in touch with the production of the necessary parts in real-time. As a result, customers can order the exact number of parts they need, implementing a JIT (Just In Time) strategy throughout the supply chain.


Low-volume Manufacturing focuses on the buyer-supplier relationship and does everything possible to automate it. This helps overcome incompetence, setbacks, and delays common in production. These advantages lead to a well-organized process conclusion.


Tuofa is one of the lowest cost OEM parts providers in the China. Because a simplified process means lower costs for our customers, who does't like lower costs for high quality products?


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